Privacy Policy

Once being a registered users, then you will be listed as "Member of Elkadaya", no registration / free of charge.

  1. Member of is responsible to keep the confidentiality and security on behalf the account and password and fully responsible for all activities behalf of the registered users.

  2. Members of Elkadaya agree to :

    • Kindly Immediately notify us of any alleged misuse of your member account.

    •  Ensure that you have logged out from your account at the end of session of each activity on the to avoid any possible misuse of your account.

  3. We have the right to restrict, block, or terminate the services of any accounts, prohibit access to site and the content, services, and the retention or removal of hosted content.

  4. Member of is not allowed to sell, trying to sell, offer to sell, give, hand over or switch account of user id or password to the third parties without any written approval from us.

  5. Elkadaya never asks the user account’s password for any reason. Hereby, Elkadaya suggest to users not to give account’s password to any parties, either the third parties acting on behalf of Elkadaya.

  6. Elkadaya has the right to call users to Elkadaya Office in case of fraud and / or violation of terms and conditions causing harm to the other users, third parties or Elkadaya.

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