New Flir Ex-XT Infrared Camera With MSX & WI-FI

New Flir Ex-XT Infrared Camera With MSX & WI-FI

12 March 2019
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Thermal imagers Flir E4, E5, E5-XT, E6, E6-XT, E8, E8-XT

Thermal imagers Flir E4, E5, E6 are productive and extremely cost-effective cameras. With them you can easily find problems in construction sites, electrical and mechanical equipment.

Thanks to four resolution options (from 80 × 60 pixels for IR images up to 320 × 240 pixels) you can shoot objects of different sizes from the required distance and with the required detail.

These models are equipped with MSX® technology, which allows obtaining highly detailed thermal images.

By connecting via Wi-Fi to smartphones or tablets using the FLIR Tools Mobile application, you can even more easily share images and send reports and make important decisions faster wherever you are.

Using thermal images, Flir E4, E5, E5-XT, E6, E6-XT, E8, E8-XT thermal imagers help you find hidden problems and accurately measure temperature, making them a worthy budget replacement for outdated infrared thermometers.

Main characteristics:

  • Fully automatic, easy to use, light weight (only 545 g)
  • Connect to mobile devices via Wi-Fi using the FLIR Tools Mobile application
  • Simple pushbutton control
  • Built-in digital camera 640 × 480
  • Accuracy ± 2 ° C or ± 2% of reading

Ease of use

Clear and easy-to-use interface for thermal or MSX image measurements.

  • Fully automatic camera with fixed focus.
  • Navigation button for easy viewing of screen settings, image modes and measurement tools.
  • Adding detail to infrared images with MSX features for a better perspective image and easier image interpretation.

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