FLIR T6XX-Series Thermal Imaging Cameras

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We offer various infrared camera model so you can choose the infrared camera that is right for you. Now we provide FLIR T6xx Series, the infrared cameras with the highest image detail for clearest documentation; are ergonomic, allowing you to get the best shots from any angle comfortably; and are feature-rich.

T620 and T640 cameras offer the highest FLIR handheld IR precision at 640 x 480 resolution delivering 307,200 pixels, plus UltraMax image enhancement. The greater the resolution, the easier it is to see, find, and reliably measure heat issues on smaller, distant components. MSX® Enhancement on live video and stored images.

Productivity Boost

Optimum ergonomics

Demo unit of FLIR T640 is available in our office.

Please Contact Us to arrange product demonstration.