FLIR Thermal Imaging Clamp Meter and All-in-one Digital Multimeter

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For a long time, electricians were forced to troubleshoot complex compounded problems by chasing down the cause – one electrical measurement at a time. A lot of the time the true source of the problem was never found, leading to call-backs from customers asking the electrician to fix the same issue over and over again. Not only did they waste time troubleshooting problems they thought they had resolved, but they also put their safety at risk without knowing what dangers they faced.

We now announced availability in Indonesia of the world’s first thermal imaging clamp meter and multimeter. We also offer various FLIR Test and Measurement instruments.

The FLIR DM284 is the latest member of FLIR’s innovative IGM family.

FLIR announced the DM284, an all-in-one digital multimeter equipped with a built-in thermal imager powered by FLIR’s Lepton® thermal micro-camera core.

Say good bye to the challenge of diagnosing electrical issues, and say hello to a quick and accurate diagnoses! The DM284 features FLIR’s groundbreaking infrared guided measurement (IGM) technology that helps visually guide professionals to potential issues, by clearly displaying temperature differences.

The DM284 is unlike any other multimeter. It combines an 18-function industrial True RMS digital multimeter with FLIR’s IGM technology. Electricians can easily locate problem areas, while scanning complex electrical panels because FLIR’s thermal imaging technology guides users to the precise location of temperature anomalies. The DM284 allows users to pinpoint issues without even having to make direct contact with the test sites. Once an issue is observed using IGM, the DM284’s advanced functions can be used to accurately diagnose equipment problems. This combinations of capabilities gives electricians a clear advantage, and it reduces the number of tools they need to carry.

The FLIR CM174, The world’s first thermal imaging clamp meter

The CM174 600A AC/DC Clamp Meter has a built-in thermal camera that powers FLIR’s IGM technology, which visually guides users to temperature differences and pinpoints anomalies, so they can fix the system, not just the fault, to get the equipment up and running and ensure that it won’t go down again. 

Electricians may even find new issues they didn’t expect to see, expanding their scope of work and resulting in more business. For instance, they might have a hunch that a faulty motor controller caused an equipment failure, but after using CM174 they discover that an overheating motor or a loose connection was to blame.

If an electrician is facing cluttered wires or scanning complex panels for hazards, he can stay at a safe distance and use IGM to show them the anomalies without reaching into the panel. And the narrow-jaw design and built-in work lights make it easier to clamp the meter around wires in tight spaces and in poor lighting conditions. The CM174 validates findings with advanced measurement features to help solve the most complex electrical issues, and is vital for checking repairs and ensuring problem areas have returned to normal.


The FLIR CM72 and CM74, Commercial Clamp Meters

We also provide the FLIR CM72 600A AC Clamp Meter and the CM74 600A AC/DC Clamp Meter give you better access to wiring in hard-to-reach places, and provide all the measurement capabilities you need for advanced troubleshooting. Made with a narrow jaw and high-powered LED worklights, the CM72 and CM74 make it easier to take measurements in dark, crowded panels and cabinets. Their slim, light design is convenient to carry in your back pocket wherever you go. With advanced electrical features including Autoranging, True RMS Voltage and Current, LoZ, Inrush (CM74 only), VFD Mode  (CM74 only), and an input for a flexible current probe  accessory, the CM72 and CM74 have all the measurement functions you need to stay competitive and ensure accurate readings.


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