FLIR GF Series - Optical Gas Imaging

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Optical Gas Imaging

We are pleased to announce that we supply the all FLIR GF series camera for gas leak detection and furnace inspection. This cameras makes detection of hazardous and explosive gas leaks really easy with immediate and easy detection from safe distance!

Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) cameras use spectral wavelength filtering and sterling cooler cold filtering technology to visualize the infrared absorption of VOC/Hydrocarbon, SF6, refrigerants, Carbon Monoxide and other gases whose spectral absorption matches the response of the camera.

By using OGI technology, the industry is able to incorporate a ‘Smart LDAR’ (Leak Detection and Repair) program that allows operators to safely and efficiently visualize gas leaks. OGI has allowed the industry to reduce industrial emissions and operators to conform to future regulations. In addition, OGI saves money, as part of a much more efficient process, but most importantly it improves the safety of their assets and their personnel.